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Producer, Artist, Studio Owner

Alicia Healey is a Seattle-based performing songwriter, engineer and producer specializing in Americana and pop/rock music.

She performs solo, as a trio and with her full band. She has three recordings of her own, “Quiet Here”, “Dusty Saturdays” and “Live at the Mansion. ” In addition to her own music she works extensively as a producer, vocal arranger, studio vocalist and bass "side-man.”

Roots in country, music theatre, and top-40 pop, she has found her way back to all of them, picking up a few new genres along the way. Her former band Rodeo Lagoon was known in the Northwest for their outstanding vocals and arrangements of traditional and new country/bluegrass/folk tunes.

She now focuses her time on writing and her newly expanded, full service studio - The Winterblue Room. A recording and creative studio for low-stress, high quality recording. The specialty is acoustic folk/pop, the approach is fun and "give 'r a try."

She is most passionate about helping songwriters find their musical voice both in the studio and as part of a community of musicians. “We not only support each other, we inspire one another. Through that inspiration we work to promote positive change. That’s pretty powerful and pretty exciting.”