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Just That Simple 112414

Alicia Healey
Alicia Healey


It's that simple (8/2013) She got one tattoo crawling up her arm another running down her back She got two boys waiting at home In a fancy double-wide down by the track

CHORUS: At night her dreams the same as yours A good song, a full glass, a smile with a dimple Ain't too hard to understand It's just that simple When the day opens up, sometimes it’s hard to get started But with toast and a shot some are easier than others She takes longer showers, when her kids are with their dad And all-in-all the day-to-day isn’t that bad


BRIDGE: Lonely ain’t the same as alone Most times she doesn’t mind at all She’s got buddies down the street, but she secretly waits times she still waits For a soft place to fall.

She gave her lower leg for her country Her waist for kids Her heart to a bastard from Poulsbo Who said he’d come back, but never did.