Alicia Healey

Alicia Healey is a powerful vocalist, songwriter, producer and studio owner in Seattle, WA.

She learned to sing from Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Carly Simon and Olivia Newton-John and learned to write from Patty Griffin, Gretchen Peters, John Prine and Cat Stevens.

From country to pop/rock and back again, her style of alt-folk is led by her smooth vocals, engaging guitar and great songs (originals and covers). She is a storyteller who taps into the significance of insignificant moments. And her fresh arrangements of lesser-known and popular tunes round out her musical and poetic performances.

Her passion for music and songs began as a kid on the living room floor of an Iowa farmhouse, with a set of Roebucks headphones and her dad’s LP collection.

His collection included Carole King, James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac and Kris Kristofferson. Mom added to the mix with monthly trips to the Dubuque Symphony. Musical theater and choral music came a-callin’ in high school, and in college someone put a guitar in her hand. The rest has been a mix of wonderful influences and experiences that she puts into her music.

At the Winterblue Room, a full-service studio Seattle, she works with both emerging, established and community artists on performance, songwriting, song arrangement, and recording. The specialty is acoustic music: Americana, country, folk, blues, rock and pop. The atmosphere is comfy and fun!

Some people say…